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CSV Improved

CSV Improved

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JD iDEAL Gateway

JD iDEAL Gateway

Integrate iDEAL and other payments into your site with JD iDEAL Gateway. JD iDEAL Gateway supports 25 different extensions among VirtueMart, RSForm! Pro, RSEvents! Pro, RSMembership!, HikaShop and Membership Pro and features a payment page. Now also with RaboBank Omnikassa, Ogone and SEPA support.

  • Free upgrades for 1 year
  • Priority support for 1 year
  • Joomla 2.5 & 3.x ready
  • GNU/GPL v3 licensed
  • Multiple component support
  • Automatic import/export
  • Advanced features


CSVI Pro 5.16 released

New release CSVI Pro 5.16

The CSVI Pro 5.16 release is now available. As usual there are some small fixes and a couple of new additions:

  • Fixed virtuemart_product_id ambiguous notice on the VirtueMart prices export
  • Fixed comma not shown as field delimiter in debug log
  • Fixed missing Overwrite existing data option in VirtueMart Express product import
  • Fixed radio values not stored as string in K2 Item import

The new additions in this release are:

  • Added support for custom field Custom Fields for all by Break Design
  • Added support for custom field plugin Related articles by Daycounts
  • Added title field to VirtueMart Order export
  • Added Greek to ICEcat languages
  • Added Editor field type to available fields in VirtueMart product import
  • Added new JPEG image signature to image helper

This release is available for free to everyone with an active subscription from the Download section. If you do not have a subscription yet, you can subscribe here.

CSVI Pro 4.1

Steaming from the oven, here is CSVI Pro 4.1. This release does not only bring fixes but also new features. What you will find in this release is:


  • Fixed VirtueMart transliteration
  • Fixed image options
  • Fixed VirtueMart product import custom fields missing ID field
  • Changed replacement fields to allow for multiple rules


  • Fixed VirtueMart category details export
  • Fixed export to e-mail
  • Fixed VirtueMart media import not linking to products
  • Added Akeeba subscriptions export options
  • Fixed VirtueMart calculation rule category export
  • Fixed VirtueMart rating export publish field
  • Fixed VirtueMart shopperfield export publish field
  • Changed replacement fields to allow for multiple rules


  • Added multiple values option
  • Changed size of find and replace fields
  • Changed replace field not to be mandatory


  • Added always load en-GB as backup language
  • Changed use of INFORMATON_SCHEMA as shared hosts don't always allow this

As you can see a lot of work has been put into this release, as always ;) The biggest feature is the changes to the replacement feature. You can now add multiple replacement rules to a single field, this can be used to replace a field with multiple values. Further you can now also do multiple value replacements. This means that you can search a field for value ab,cd and ef, when they are found they can be replaced with 12,34 and 56. A tutorial will be made later this week to explain the usage in detail.

The new CSVI Pro 4.1 can be downloaded from the download section if you have an active subscription.

There is no update yet for CSVI 4.0, this will follow next week.

CSVI Analyzer

Let me introduce to you CSVI Analyzer. The tool to check your CSV file for possible issues.

How does it look like?


How does it work?

  1. Select the file to analyzer
  2. Check/Uncheck if your file has column headers
  3. Input the number lines to show for possible encoding issues
  4. Click Analyze to check your file

How to install?

The file is not a Joomla extension. Download the zip file and unpack the 2 files to a location of your choice e.g. the folder where Joomla is installed. Point your browser to the program e.g. www.example.com/csvi_analyzer.php.

Where to download?

CSVI Analyzer is available from the download section after you have logged in.

CSVI Free 4.3 released

Just days after the release of CSVI Pro 4.5, comes CSVI Free 4.3. This release is primarily a bugfix release but has a few other changes to it. The biggest changes being that CSVI Free now runs on PHP 5.2 again, multi-language support to import categories has been added also.

The full changelog reads:

- Removed setting manufacturer category to 1 on VirtueMart Product import
- Removed automatic setting override option
/ Fixed wait time not being applied
+ Added removal of manufacturer images on deletion of VirtueMart manufacturers
+ Added multi-language support to VirtueMart Category import

* Fixed min_order_level on VirtueMart Product export
* Fixed max_order_level on VirtueMart Product export
/ Changed VirtueMart Product export to handle VirtueMart core changes in prices
/ Fixed some possible issues on loading VirtueMart order export page
* Fixed possible warning with category_id export

+ Added some info about the site to the About dialog
/ Changed PHP requirement to PHP 5.2
/ Fixed replacements being stripped
- Removed built-in version check, now using Joomla version check

This release is available for free to everyone from the Download section.


Excellent Component, features & support
5 stars
I have used the full/pro versions of CSVI for a few years now & I would recommend it to anybody with a virtuemart site or site where you may need to import anything else.
Not only does it work brilliantly for Virtuemart Stores, but there are also other standard templates for AWO EZ Reality, K2 AUP, Joomla Articles, Users and lots more.
If its not already set up, you can also use the custom field settings & the developer Roland is always on hand providing excellent support and solutions to your CSV related problems.

Roland has helped me out on many occasions with basic CSV stuff and more complicated bespoke CSVi templates.

It's awesome - Really & will save you hours manually inputting products, articles, coupons, etc.

Try the free version & if you like it buy the Pro version as it's easily worth the price you pay.


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