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CSV Improved

CSV Improved

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Looking for a useful answer?

Read this first and make sure you checked all steps: www.csvimproved.com/frequently-asked-questions/635-troubleshooting-import-errors

Don't just say it doesn't work but describe in detail what is happening and add the following information:
* VirtueMart version
* CSVI version (Latest is not a version number)
* Sample of the file being imported
* Collected debug information

Without this information you won't get a useful answer. If no debug log is attached, you will get a request to post it.

Where to get the debug information?

A tutorial (www.csvimproved.com/frequently-asked-questions/390-how-to-collect-debug-information) has been written to help you collect your debug information. For CSVI 3, there is a video available (www.csvimproved.com/downloads/file/18-collect-debug-information)

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One of the my best purchase
5 stars
CSVI Pro will make your life easier, especially when you work with a lot of product management. It saves time as well as product management now can be manage offline in Spreadsheet program like Excel

The support even better, i purchase several commercial extension and csvi pro is the top leader in support service. Every problem post will have feedback within 1-5 hours, Roland explain a lot of detail clearly, he know what he did.

Hopefully this excellence support and product continues. I recommend this extension to all Virtuemart Developer. A must have !


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