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Looking for a useful answer?

Read this first and make sure you checked all steps: www.csvimproved.com/frequently-asked-questions/635-troubleshooting-import-errors

Don't just say it doesn't work but describe in detail what is happening and add the following information:
* VirtueMart version
* CSVI version (Latest is not a version number)
* Sample of the file being imported
* Collected debug information

Without this information you won't get a useful answer. If no debug log is attached, you will get a request to post it.

Where to get the debug information?

A tutorial (www.csvimproved.com/frequently-asked-questions/390-how-to-collect-debug-information) has been written to help you collect your debug information. For CSVI 3, there is a video available (www.csvimproved.com/downloads/file/18-collect-debug-information)

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A life saving extension
5 stars
Working on a conversion site from an old CMS to Joomla, I needed a solution that would import the old users, plus, set them up with correct subscriptions within Akeeba Subscriptions.

A quick pre-sales email to Roland and he said he would be happy to add the features that I needed, but it might take a few weeks. All good, I can wait, it was ready the next day!!

A session with Roland in Skype and any minor issues were sorted and now I can easily import over 2000 users with active subscriptions, saving me who knows how much time in the process.

Roland is one of the true professionals of the extension community and if you are looking for a solution, then you have found it and more!!

Awesome stuff!


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