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CSV Improved

CSV Improved

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  • Advanced features
  • Access to the support forum
  • Continued development
  • Multi-component support

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VMF       Akeeba Subscriptions       Scroller with Tabs
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        Custom Filters       Joomla Content
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        Scroller with Tabs       Joomla Users
        Cherry Picker with Product Types       K2
        CSVI Custom        
        Joomla Content        
        Joomla Categories        
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5 stars
I'm really happy with this extension. It does what it's supposed to do.

I experienced an easy and clean install and it was fairly easy to learn how to use the extension.

I was able to make an export of Seblod 2 data with it (unfortunately Seblod 2 doesn't have an export feature). Even more so, I was able to add a frontend menu to do a one-click export of my data. Great!

I really like the Replacements feature, which lets you replace the data of your fields with some more user-friendly data. Oh, I really wish the multiple replacements feature wasn't only available in the Pro version :)

My only complaint is that the component probably needs better documentation. A good "Getting started" video would come a long way.

Once again - excellent! Thanks!


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